Al raha Beach

Al Raha is a mixed-use development and a popular leisure destination in Abu Dhabi. It has two precincts, Al Raha Beach and Al Raha Gardens, both further divided into 11 sub-communities.

Al Raha Beach

The Al Raha Beach Hotel is a truly dynamic destination. Just a 40-minute drive from Dubai and 10 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport, in the stunning Al Raha Beach area overlooking the pristine Gulf shoreline, it’s ideally situated for the discerning business or leisure traveller. 

Al Hadeel

Redefining waterfront living, Al Hadeel is an exciting addition to Al Raha Beach, with studios, apartments and houses overlooking azure open waters. Ideal for modern family living, amenities include pools, cafes and gyms.

Luxury Properties

In al Raha Beach


Al Raha is a mixed-use development and a popular leisure destination in Abu Dhabi. It has two precincts, Al Raha Beach and Al Raha Gardens, both further divided into 11 sub-communities. Among the two, Al Raha Beach is towards the shoreline on a public beach along Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, E10 connecting the capital to Dubai. With 5.2 million sq. m. of natural beach shoreline, Al Raha Beach is a vibrant community offering luxurious waterfront living at its best. 

Most importantly, it is one of the popular areas to rent luxury apartments in Abu Dhabi as per Bayut 2020 Real Estate Market Report. Al Raha Beach area, commonly known as Al Raha, is a self-contained city within itself. There are three main sub-communities within Al Raha Beach: Al Bandar, Al Muneera and Al Zeina. Offering luxury amenities and a rich community lifestyle leads the area to be one of the most popular in Abu Dhabi among both, tenants and property investors. 

In A Nutshell

  • Property types include apartments, podium villas, and townhouses
  • Main sub-communities include Al Bandar, Al Zeina and Al Muneera
  • Hosts a popular beach festival every year
  • Ideal for young professionals as well as families
  • Affordable new apartments for rent in Al Raha Beach
  • Beautiful waterfront views from the most houses
  • Popular among water-sports enthusiasts
  • Home to Al Raha Beach Hotel


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