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The highly anticipated Expo-2020 is about to start in Dubai. If you have just moved to the UAE or plan to visit it in the near future, this spectacular event is a must see! Along with many other participating countries from all over the world, the Emirates will represent its most innovative projects and vision for the future. As the host, the country will offer a stream of events from fantastic entertainment shows to business forums for visitors to learn, see, and be inspired by what’s on offer. The global exposition will be held from 1st October 2021 until 31st March 2022, which means visitors have half a year to visit the site at any time they find convenient. In this article, we will summarise the main topics of what will be presented at the exhibition, what events can be visited, ticket prices, how to get to the exhibition pavilion, and the best areas to stay in.

About EXPO-2020 in Dubai

The outstanding International Exhibition World Expo has been held every 5 years since 1851 and acts as a platform where different countries of the world can exchange innovative solutions on the most relevant topics and challenges of our time. This is a place where governments, companies, international organizations and citizens get connected and engage in immersive activities. The purpose of a World Expo is to “improve humankind’s knowledge” and highlight “scientific, technological, economic and social progress” in different countries of the world.

This mega-event has virtually no competitors in terms of its scale, size, duration and number of visitors worldwide. For the MEASA region (Middle East, Africa and South Asia), this will be the very first exhibition of this kind and it is the largest exhibition since its foundation, which will be attended by 191 participating countries and will be visited by more than 25M people. At the same time, this is a very expensive project: Dubai has already spent about USD 8.2B on the preparations.

The timing of the event was postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. For marketing purposes, the organizers have decided to leave the logo “EXPO-2020” unchangeable, though the spectacle is to be held in 2021.

“Connecting minds, Creating the future” is the general theme that Dubai has chosen for Expo 2020, which will address 3 sub-topics: Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunities. During the 6 months, special attention will be given to the global challenges in the fields of healthcare, education, inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change. Within the confines of initiatives, such as Expo Live, innovation and partnership programmes, The World Majlis discussions, and the Expo School Programme, the participants will share opinions and ideas and explore collaborative solutions.

Dates and Programme

The grand opening ceremony will be held on the 30th of September 2021, with access upon invitation.

Expo-2020 has a very eventful calendar for its 182 days. Within this period visitors will see international celebrations, international days, national days and honour days. The hosting country as well as the participants will have a dedicated date to represent its own culture, traditions and share their future aspirations.

The entertainment events include a packed programme, prepared specifically by the UAE with a stream of events from the participating nations. Every day the Expo’s stages at Al Wasl Plaza, Jubilee Stage, Dubai Millennium Amphitheater, Ghaf Avenue and other slightly minor grounds will host recurring and special events from morning till night.

The Programme for People and Planet includes a series of workshops, talks and conferences, where the most pressing challenges for humankind will be explored through the prism of culture, economics, society and environment. Additionally, competitions will be held amongst countries (Innovation Impact Programme) and among universities (University Innovation Programme).

Business-related topics will be discussed within the confines of dedicated forums and meetings scheduled for certain dates during the fair. Different-scale enterprises get an excellent opportunity to represent themselves at very best and find like-minded partners and investors.

The core of the exposition is 10 themed weeks addressing the global challenges of:

  • Climate and Biodiversity – 3-9 September, 2021
  • Space – 7-23 October, 2021
  • Urban and Rural Development 31 October-6 November, 2021
  • Tolerance and Inclusivity 14-20 November, 2021
  • Knowledge and Learning 12-18 December, 2021
  • Travel and Connectivity 9-15 January, 2022
  • Global Goals 16-22 January, 2022
  • Health and Wellness 23-29 January, 30 January-5 February, 2022
  • Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods 13-19, 20-26 February, 2022
  • Water 20-26 March, 2022

The closing ceremony is scheduled for the 31st of March.

Master-plan of EXPO-2020

The site for the exposition covers a significant 1,100 acres and houses an extraordinary complex: a round-shaped Al Wasl Plaza as the center and 3 thematic districts set around it like petals. The centerpiece was purposefully called Al Wasl, after the historic name for Dubai, which means “connection”. The plaza is covered by a magnificent trellis, which is a 360-degree projection surface, the largest in the world.

Thematic areas include country pavilions, and for the first time in the history of the event, all participating countries will have their own pavilions, which will be grouped according to the presented sub-topics, and not according to their geographical location.

In addition, the following will be presented separately in the partners’ pavilions: DP World, ENOC and Emirates. Pavilions of organizations: African Union Pavilion, Dubai Cares Pavilion and special Expo-owned pavilions, including the Good Place Pavilion by Expo Live, Alif, Mission Possible, Terra and the Women’s Pavilion.

There are also multiple stages, recreational areas, parks, retail venues and an impressive choice of F&B options with around 200 outlets.

The supporting infrastructure is an Expo-2020 village for staff and participants, as well as warehouses, logistic venues and much more, which all. lie outside the gate.

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