Abu Dhabi Ranked No 1 for Safest City in the World

16 Aug, 2017 by Pure Home Real Estate

Abu Dhabi has been named the safest city in the world by Numbeo, the largest user-contributed database about cities and countries worldwide.

With the lowest crime index of just 13.54 in the past six months, and a safety index of 86.46, Abu Dhabi came as number one on Numbeo, out of a list of 334 cities.

Cities were ranked according to their digital security, health security, infrastructure safety, and personal security - which was linked to their crime level and the level of police intervention.

Moreover, in July, Abu Dhabi was named the second-best city in the world to live, work and do business in, overtaking both London and Paris, in the most recent Ipsos City Index.

Ranks for safest cities in the world & Crime Index

1) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 13.54
2) Basel, Switzerland - 16.34
3) Munich, Germany - 16.4
4) Singapore - 16.9
5) Quebec City, Canada - 17.08
6) Taipei, Taiwan - 17.38
7) Boise, ID, United States - 17.71
8) Bern, Switzerland - 18.47
9) Zurich, Switzerland - 18.67

Numbeo was established in 2009. It is a collaborative online database which enables users to share and compare information about the cost of living between countries and cities.

The index, which ranked 334 cities globally, is an estimation of overall level of crime in a given city or a country.

Crime levels lower than 20 are considered as "very low," crime levels between 20 and 40 as being "low," crime levels between 40 and 60 as being "moderate," crime levels between 60 and 80 as being "high" and crime levels higher than 80 as being "very high."

Published By Pure Home Real Estate, 16 Aug, 2017

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