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IMKAN is an Abu Dhabi – based real estate developer with an extensive portfolio: the company has more than 26 projects in 6 countries, on 3 continents.

It is a company with 105 years of experience in the construction and development of territories, an extensive knowledge base and professional specialists, which allows the company to create unique projects, understand the needs of customers and translate ideas into reality.

The main distinguishing feature of the company is the creation of personalized, mindfull, innovative and eco-friendly projects, behind which there is an extensive research base. The company’s mission is to constantly develop and reach new heights in the field of construction, green buildings, and sustainable development.

Considering one of its key tasks to preserve the environment, the company signed a tripartite agreement on the development of so-called “The Guardians’ Initiative” with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and Alliances for Global Sustainability, in order to protect and promote the development of Abu Dhabi’s diverse heritage, nature, wildlife and marine environments.

The company provides customers with a professional approach to solving each of the emerging problems. Their quality system is following international ISO9001:2008 requirements. Comprehensive quality systems provide objective and thoroughly documented evidence of a project’s conformance to all regulatory and contractual obligations.

IMKAN is part of Abu Dhabi Capital Group. Chief Executive Officer Walid El Hindi, who has more than 20 years of experience in construction development, leads it.